Monday, November 5, 2012

Online Movie Streaming Comparison

Might you rather be spending $13 on some thing better than a really ordinary action movie at the theater in town? Needless to say, Blu-rays do not cost quite so much, but the costs can still add up should you watch streaming movies often. This online movie streaming comparison will give you a large range of up-to-date movies and TV shows, without the huge costs of theaters, Blu-rays or even satellite TV. If you feel you might be interested to stream online movies weekly, keep on reading to find out what the various websites are able to offer you.

1. Netflix - Standard setter in movie access, high video quality (but not HD yet), discount
rates.($7.99/month for unlimited streaming)Netflix began life mailing out Videos to customers, but now are the leader for online movie streaming in the US. Netflix has a strong focus on providing a good streaming service and making sure that new content is regularly added to their online library of movies and TV shows. Netflix are probably the provider which has worked hardest to establish the world of movie streaming online and are a great choice to go with.

2. Blockbuster - Maybe too little and too late.Like shops selling CD's, Blockbuster has suddenly discovered that the whole market they once had has suddenly gone digital. Like Netflix, their collection of titles being streamed online is absent of anything in high definition. Having said that, they're adding new movies into their online selection monthly, but still push their DVD and BlurRay offerings more than anything else.

3. VUDU - Distinctive from the other services in that you have to pay for every title - but HD and more recent releases.(Price is $2 for streaming an HD movie.) This is the option if you think you might just be watching one or two titles a month, much like you might do at the movie theater or with a DVD. VUDU offers you the chance just to pay for what
you see, to stream movies in HD and to not have to worry about being tied into a contract.

4. Hulu Plus - Smart choice for TV enthusiasts.(Below $8 monthly for unlimited streaming) Hulu is already well recognized for streaming old TV series via the internet. Their specialty is television shows and they’ve been fairly consistent with this, over many years.If you’re a huge movie buff, you may want to pass on this service, over the others mentioned
above. If TV shows and series are part of your viewing pastime, then don’t pass this one up. It can work great in combination with VUDU to give you a great choice of viewing options without the need to pay for satellite tv.

5. Amazon Prime Streaming - May be worth a try if you’re a regular Amazon purchaser.($4 for each movie, but need to pay $79 for 12-monthly Amazon Prime membership)In order to begin streaming movies you first must join Amazon Prime (annual fee is $79.) The
Amazon Prime program provides you with such things as free shipping with your orders, so it is perfect for people who use Amazon a lot as opposed to someone planning simply to watch a couple of movies. Once you've got access to the online streaming service you're then looking at around $4 a movie as well.It's not all bad however, there are a few free movies and television shows available. They also provide a free trial offer for a month, so you can always try it out and if you’re not happy within 30 days, simply cancel.

Overview of Streaming Services

Despite reading all of this, many people might still have concerns. Spend 60 seconds with this online movie streaming comparison and decide which is more desirable - a thirty minute car trip in heavy traffic or twitching the thumb on your hand to select something using the remote control. You get all of that convenience for less cost too, there's not really much to consider, is there?

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